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Alima Technologies builds software and provides services to get the most out of each customer’s CRM by increasing user satisfaction, broadening adoption in the organization, improving data accuracy, integrating data sources, and gaining more intelligence from their data. We then use this intelligence to help our customers get the right work done so that they get the most out of life (our company’s vision).


At Alima Technologies we aim to always do the right thing the right way.
We do that by delivering the Alima Experience through our values:


We recognize that it is our people that come together in unity to create amazing products and deliver world-class services. At Alima, we respect and appreciate each person that works for our company, at our customers, and partners with whom we collaborate with.


We strive to create innovative technologies and deliver excellence in our services with tireless effort to do our best the right way every time. We expect greatness through the bold and courageous actions of our employees always seeking to give our customers our very best.


Alima benefits communities through each team member. We recognize that our team members are representatives of their local communities. Hence, we encourage and enable team members to get the most out of life by making a positive impact in the people and environment around them.


A unique and rarely used name, it can mean “powerful, strong” or “knowledgeable, wise”. Aligned with our mission to build technology solutions that bring real intelligence to every activity to get the most value out of each task, the combination of these meanings gives us our broader definition behind the name- that is, knowledge gives us strength. We help our customers gain an advantage (i.e. strength) by obtaining knowledge to maximize the value from each action.

Alima also has a secret meaning which we can reveal when given the opportunity to serve your needs.


Time our most valuable resource. That is because time cannot be created. We are given a finite amount for a limited period. Time also has an immediate expiration date – you must use it when you have it. Finally, time is a non-renewable resource. Once consumed, it is forever in the past. Anyone who has lived long enough will tell you that it was the time that they wish they could have had more of to enjoy life.

At Alima, we value your time. We exist to create innovative software to help people get the right work done so that they get the most out of life. Our software products are designed with this in mind. Our services are delivered to help you accomplish this. We value your time because we value you.

“After almost three decades in the technology business, I continue to hold on to this belief: Technology, in the hands of skilled professionals who truly care about others, can be made to do wonderous things.That’s our aim at Alima – Do amazing things for the people (customers, employees, partners, and communities) we care about by conceiving, creating, and constructing technology solutions for their benefit.”

-Eugene Alfaro, CEO & PRESIDENT


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