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We strive to build the best team that our customers deserve with people who are experts in our field, care about quality, and are fanatic about doing the right things for the people we serve (our employees, our customers, and our partners).

Eugene Alfaro


A veteran of technology company leadership for over 20 years. Eugene has led teams to deliver quality, world-class services while developing the tools to perform the work more efficiently and accurately. With experiences at small companies, fast growing technology startup companies, and worldwide manufacturers, Eugene understands the variety of challenges facing different organizations today.

"I have a passion to leverage technology to help people get the most out of their work so that they get the most out of life."

Vikram Chand


With a rare blend of service and software development experiences, Vikram combines his understanding of the needs of customers with software to build tools that automate processes. He has developed solutions in CRM and other platforms to address the needs of sales and services personnel.

"Software development should never take place in the back room but rather out in the open while engaged with the very people you are creating them for so that you are building with their needs always in mind.'

Alex Tuck


Alex has led the successful delivery of technology service projects for hundreds of clients with teams distributed across the globe. He has a passion for helping customers get the most value out of the investments that they make.

"Customer success does not mean the project is delivered successfully. It means the customer continues to benefit from our work well after the project is done."

Sam Walker

Chief Innovation Officer

Sam brings over 15 years of software development experience leveraging Microsoft platforms and technologies with particular focus on developing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.He has led many successful CRM implementations for over 50 companies to benefit tens of thousands of users.

Sam has a passion for helping to lift others through mentoring, teaching, and making people laugh. He prides himself on building technologies that delight users.

"Software should make it easy to do the things that make us succeed while also providing insight into what is important. When people think about products I helped create, I want them to smile."

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